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Dune is a novel by Frank Herbert, published in 1965, and the first in a long-running series.



  • Herbert goes into great detail with the culture, economy, religion, etc. of several different fictional races, and the climate and weather of the various planets. This really helps to give life to the Dune universe.
  • The Bene Gesserit sisterhood is a shrewd blend of religion and politics making them a very interesting group.
  • Making a future where artificial intelligence is banned, and humans are trained to take up the role of computers is a clever idea.
  • The quotes from various fictional books is a nice way to frame each chapter, even if it gives away the ending.


  • Spoiling Dr. Yueh's betrayal so early damages the suspense that could have been built by keeping the traitor's identity unknown.
  • I understand that the Emperor fear the Atreides will challenge his authority, and wants to eliminate them, but by wiping them out and keeping the Harkonnens in charge of Arrakis, doesn't that make them a challenge to his authority?
  • I can see how Dr. Yueh might become a traitor if he knew that his wife would be released, but the book says that he's pretty sure she was murdered, so why would he side with them?


  • Nothing.