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Dungeon Hacks: How NetHack, Angband, and Other Roguelikes Changed the Course of Video Games is a book about video game history. It was written by David Craddock and published on 2015-08-05. The book details the rise of the Roguelike genre of computer role-playing games and how they influenced later games in the genre.

I got this book part of a Humble Bundle and, always wanting to learn more about the history of video games, listened to it.


I own an audio book recording of this book and am listening to it.



  • David Craddock doesn't just review of all the seminal games in the genre, he also interviews the games' creators and describes their influences, design process, and more, which I found to be far more important.
  • There are a couple of later, but still very influential, Roguelike games that slipped under my radar which are described in detail.


  • The topic is particularly niche, and the target audience would already be familiar with the games, so it wasn't really necessary to spend much time describing the games at the level of detail they were.
  • Because video games are so interactive and visual (even the text-based ones), it never does them justice to merely write about them. A couple screenshots, or, better yet, a video of game play, could take the place of an entire chapter.


  • Nothing.