Earn to Die 2

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Steam title card.

Earn to Die 2 is a driving game set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. You must drive your card along abandoned highways littered with crates and boards and covered in zombies. You're awarded money for every zombie you kill as well as how far you drive, and that money is used to upgrade your vehicle allowing you to get further each time. Once you make it to the next garage you unlock a new stretch of road, and, every three roads you unlock a new vehicle.

I found this game while looking for a new casual game for my phone.


I don't own this game, I played the free version.



  • The game is enjoyable for the first ten minutes or so as you learn how it works, plow through zombies, upgrade your first car, and reach the garages.
  • The floaty physics-defying control of your vehicle makes it possible to adjust your position mid-air, which makes it easier to get where you want to be on the road.


  • Although a couple new zombies, crates, and road graphics are included every couple tracks, the game is very homogeneous. For the several hours you'll have to play to beat the game, you're mostly doing the exact same thing.
  • The slow motion kind of looks neat, but it makes if harder to control your vehicle. It also sometimes occurs at unimpressive times, like when your vehicle smashes into a wall rather than a bunch of zombies.
  • The weight upgrade is kind of abstract. I know the game describes how it helps, but there isn't a visual change, and it doesn't make that much sense.


  • Being forced to start over with a new car every three roads and have to upgrade it all over again is unrewarding and boring.
  • No matter how good you become at the game, you're always crippled by the weakness of your vehicle, and you can never finish a road until you first get the prerequisite upgrades. In fact, most of the roads can be finished by blinding holding down the accelerator with a fully-upgraded vehicle.