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Emulation, for the purposes of this Wiki, refers to software designed to simulate the behavior of hardware, firmware, or other software. A program which can emulate something is called an emulator. Many virtual machines are designed specifically for using antiquated hardware and software, and I group them into this category as well.


This is a list of my favorite emulators for various platforms:

Platform Emulators
Apple II AppleWin
Arcade MAME
Atari 2600 Stella
Atari 5200 Atari800
Atari 7800 BizHawk
Atari 8-bit Atari800
ColecoVision BizHawk
Commodore 64 WinVICE
Commodore 128 WinVICE
Commodore PET WinVICE
Commodore Plus/4 WinVICE
Commodore VIC-20 WinVICE
Famicom FCEUX, Mesen
Famicom Disk System FCEUX, Mesen
Fujitsu FM-7 XM7
Game Boy BizHawk
Game Boy Advance BizHawk
Game Boy Color BizHawk
GameCube Dolphin
Game Gear BizHawk
Genesis BizHawk
Intellivision BizHawk
Lynx BizHawk
Macintosh Classic Mini vMac
Master System BizHawk
Mega Drive BizHawk
Neo Geo Pocket BizHawk
Neo Geo Pocket Color BizHawk
Nintendo 64 BizHawk
Nintendo DS BizHawk
Nintendo Entertainment System FCEUX, Mesen
PC Booter DOSBox
PC Engine BizHawk
PC-8800 M88
PC-9800 Neko Project II
PlayChoice-10 MAME
PlayStation BizHawk
PlayStation 2 PCSX2
Sega 32X BizHawk
Sega Mark III BizHawk
Sega SG-1000 BizHawk
Super Famicom BizHawk
Super Game Boy BizHawk
Super Nintendo Entertainment System BizHawk
Tandy 1000 DOSBox
Telnet PuTTY
TurboGrafx-16 BizHawk
VS. System MAME
Wii Dolphin
Windows 3 DOSBox
Windows 7 VMWare
Windows 8 VMWare
Windows 10 VMWare
Windows 95 VMWare
Windows 98 VMWare
Windows ME VMWare
Windows XP VMWare
Windows Vista VMWare
WonderSwan BizHawk
WonderSwan Color BizHawk



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