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Eras, known officially as ITC Eras, is a sans-serif typeface designed by Albert Boton and Albert Hollenstein and published by the International Typeface Corporation (ITC) in 1976. The typeface is quite unique because, even when not italicized, each of the glyphs has a 3° tilt. The typeface also has several different weights, more than is expected for a typeface, so it is useful when text needs a bold impact.

Eras has been used heavily in the video game industry. Atari began using Eras for their game manuals and boxes in the early 1980s, which probably led to so many other American video game companies using it was well including Capcom in their NES manuals from 1986 to around 1990 and Konami in the majority of their NES and Game Boy manuals.

I first saw this typeface on Atari manuals, but didn't care enough about typefaces at the time to appreciate it. Years later, when I bought a copy of Corel Draw and Eras was included, I began to use the font frequently. The typeface has a very strong look to it which comes from the minor slant of the characters, the usual bold thickness, the sharp edges, the slight expansion at the foot of the letters, and the open bowls on certain gylphs like the a, 9, and R. I really liked the look of the typeface and have used it in various graphic projects, including my web site's watermark.