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Viewing source in FBIde.

FBIde is a free open source IDE for the FreeBASIC programming language first released in 2005. The IDE has some of the more basic features including simple access to the compiler, color syntaxing, auto-indenting, and some others. Unfortunately, development ceased back in 2012 and the final release was v0.4.6r4. A vastly superior FreeBASIC IDE is WinFBE Suite.


I learned about FBIde at the same time I learned about FreeBASIC, and, for awhile I just assumed it was the projects default IDE. It was only later when I noticed FreeBASIC kept seeing new releases while FBIde remained stagnant that I discovered it wasn't directly related. The lack of work being put into an IDE caused me to care less about FreeBASIC, but, when I saw a new IDE was being created, WinFBE Suite, I had renewed interest. It took me awhile to get used to WinFBE Suite, but, once I did, I stopped using FBIde altogether.


This is the final release of the program.