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North American box.

Final Fantasy is a Japanese role-playing game developed and published by Square on 1987-12-18. It was first released on the Famicom, then ported to the MSX2. In 1990 is was released on the NES. Ports have also been BREW and J2ME. The game has been completely remade several times for various other platforms.

The game is set in a Medieval fantasy world which has fallen into evil and four heroes must defeat the elemental fiends to restore light to four orbs and stop chaos from destroying the world.

In sixth grade, a friend of mine and I both loved fantasy RPGs. I was playing Ultima: Exodus and he was playing Final Fantasy. We each talked about the games at length in school and eventually swapped them. I didn't have the game long enough to get very far, but I remember defeating Garland, getting the pirate ship, visiting the elves and dwarves, but then getting annihilated in the marsh cave by poisonous spiders. I haven't played it much since and never beat it, but I did watch friends play through large sections of the game when I was younger, and I once even cheated my way through the entire game it at double speed on an emulator to research it for the VGMPF. I also know most of the plot points from reading magazines and walk-throughs.


I own this game for the NES, but I have not beaten it.






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