Final Fantasy (universe)

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The Final Fantasy logo.

Final Fantasy began as a JRPG video game created by Square for the Famicom in 1987, but has ballooned into a massive media empire with dozens of games, movies, comics, and more.


Core Games

Although the games in the Final Fantasy series are numbered as though they are sequels, the games do not follow a continuous story line or have reoccurring main characters, so the games are more accurately thought of as remixes rather than sequels. Each game has a mostly unique story, but it uses a lot of themes from previous games. Also, each game engine is built on the previous engine with new mechanics and technology being added in each release. Games 1-6 all use 2D sprite technology, but 7 and above all use a 3D engine. Games 11 and 14 are MMOs.


Manga / Comics




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