Final Fantasy IV

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Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV - SNES - USA.jpg

SNES - USA - 1st edition.

Developer Square
Publisher Square, Nintendo of America
Published 1991-07-19
Platforms Game Boy Advance, SNES, WonderSwan Color
Genres Exploration, Role-playing game
Themes Adventure, Fantasy
Series Final Fantasy
Distribution Commercial

Final Fantasy IV is a fantasy role-playing video game developed and published by Square on 1991-07-19 for the SNES. It is the fourth game in the Final Fantasy series game. It was later ported to the PlayStation by Tose.



I remember seeing this game being played by a friend after I had seen Final Fantasy VI, so it seemed quite dated to me. I made a joke about it, but my friend explained that it's actually a great game. Many years later, I played through and found that it is indeed a good game.


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— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game is entertaining to the point where you want to keep playing and the story is compelling enough to want to see what is going to happen next.
  • I like the variety of different characters and classes. It allows you the ability to appreciate the subtleties of the combat engine.
  • For its time, the graphics are quite nice.
  • The battle complexity is not too simple or too hard to enjoy. You have many different attacks to choose from, and the monsters have many different abilities to take into account.
  • You only need to do a small amount of grinding in each section to be plenty powerful enough to stay alive through the game.
  • The game comes with a fantastic manual that doubles as a strategy guide for a large portion of the game.
  • Having played Final Fantasy VI first, I wasn't that impressed by the music in this game when I first played it. However, I think this is the very first SNES game for Nobuo Uematsu, so he may not have had enough time to familiarize himself with the new audio architecture, or the driver may not have been as powerful. After awhile, it grew on me, and now I appreciate it a lot more.


  • The story is very linear meaning the game is identical every play through, and, with only a few side-quests, you will see almost everything the game has to offer the first time you beat it.
  • The story overdoes several elements. Porom and Palom, Sid, and Yang all martyr themselves, and are later found to be alive. Edward, Sid, and Yang all end up bedridden through the remainder of the game with no way to get them back until the very end.
  • I would have liked to see more weapons and armor for the spell casters and ninjas. They're often stuck with old equipment for long stints while the fighters keep getting upgrades.
  • Like most RPGs, the game suffers from having a wide variety of spells that are either too weak or completely useless. Piggy never works on enemies, Psych never stole more than 1 MP, Drain doesn't steal nearly enough HP to be useful, etc.


  • Normally, dialog boxes are closed with the A button, but this game allows the D-pad to close dialog boxes. This caused me to miss numerous messages without any way to go back and read them.


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Game Boy Advance (Europe), Game Boy Advance (Japan), Game Boy Advance (USA), SNES (USA), Super Famicom (Japan), WonderSwan Color


Strong female character?PassRydia and Rosa, and, to a lesser extent, Porom, are helpful party members.
Bechdel test?PassWhen the party is led by a female, talking to another female NPC passes the test.
Strong person of color character?FailAlthough it uses an anime style and race isn't described, every major character is drawn as though they're white.
Queer character?FailThere are no queer characters.


Language Native Transliteration Translation
English (Original American) Final Fantasy II
English (Re-release) Final Fantasy IV
Japanese ファイナルファンタジー Fainaru Fantaji IV Final Fantasy IV


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