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'''''Final Fantasy VII''''' is and RPG from [[Squaresoft]].
'''''Final Fantasy VII''''' is and RPG from [[Squaresoft]].
I own this game for Windows and played through most of the first disc.

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Final Fantasy VII is and RPG from Squaresoft.


I own this game for Windows and played through most of the first disc.


Overall: 3/10


  • The pre-rendered background graphics are very nice, and help alleviate the problem of tiled backgrounds.
  • The full-motion video merges seamlessly between the static game play.
  • The materia magic system is original and fun. I like the idea of being able to customize the character's abilities.
  • The panning camera during combat is very nice, better than a static camera.
  • Limit breaks were a cool idea.
  • Having the character's eyes fade last when performing a summon is a nice touch.


  • Merging Middle-Ages weaponry with lasers and machine-guns is stupid.
  • The 3D environment makes controls rather annoying with it always changing perspective. I find myself often backtracking and turning away from my goal when I enter a new area.
  • The vast majority of the monsters are so avant-garde I have no idea what they are, which takes away from the emotional attachment.
  • I'm not very impressed by the game's music. I find most of the themes to be rather repetitive and bland.
  • I don't like having to hold down a button to run. I would prefer to hold down a button to walk, which I do far less.
  • The camera during combat sometimes focuses away from the action.
  • It's often difficult to tell who you're targeting during combat.
  • I don't like how limit breaks are automatically put to the top of the combat stack. It makes it harder to plan ahead.


  • So many of the special combat abilities take way too long. It feels more like I'm watching a movie than playing a game.
  • I have little appreciation for most of the characters. Their back-stories are dull and uninspired, and I don't care if they die.