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Combat was a very popular early fixed shooter.

A fixed shooter is a sub-genre of shooter video game where the player controls a character that can shoot projectiles at their opponents, but they're confined to a limited area, usually just a single screen, or a section on the screen. A sub-genre of the fixed shooter is the tube shooter, where the player's character can move freely around a tube-like structure.


Since fixed shooters were already a well-established genre when I first started playing video games in the mid 1980s, they were among my early favorites.


The very first commercial video game Galaxy Game (1971) is a fixed-shooter based on the earlier non-commercial Spacewar! (1962). In fact, most of the earliest commercial video games, those released in the early 1970s in the arcade and on the Magnavox Odyssey, were fixed shooters, but the game to entrench fixed shooters into video game history was Space Invaders (1978) which, shortly after its release, became the most popular video game at the time.


These are the fixed shooters that are important to me. For the complete list, see the category.

Title Released Notes
Air-Sea Battle 1977-??-??
Centipede 1981-06-06
Combat 1977-09-11
Galaga 1981-09-??
Megamania 1982-??-??
Millipede 1982-??-??
Missile Command 1980-07-??
Outlaw 1978-??-??
Spider Fighter 1982-??-??
Yars' Revenge 1982-??-??


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