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Editing a glyph.

FontForge is a free open source font editor developed by a team of programmers and first published on 2004-04-01. It has numerous features which allow the user to create and modify fonts in various formats. The program is available for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.


I found FontForge while looking for a replacement of Type Light after the latest version removed the ability to import vector graphics. After finding the program to be superior in every way, I began using it exclusively.



  • FontForge allows for importing SVG vectors, so you can use your favorite vector program to create glyphs.
  • The program has an automatic hinting feature which makes your glyphs look good at low DPI without the hassle of having to do it yourself.
  • A wide variety of font formats are supported including TTF, OTF, Post Script, SVG, Web Open Font, bitmap fonts, and several others.


  • The open dialog is terrible. It doesn't remember where you open or save files, and doesn't even show you drives beyond C:. You can manually type in the path to alternate drives, but it is a chore to use.
  • It still lacks color font support.


  • Nothing.


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