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Frank Turner (c. 2019).

Francis Edward "Frank" Turner (born 1981-10-28) is an English singer-songwriter from Meonstoke, Hampshire. Turner's first professional band was as the lead vocalist for post-hardcore group Million Dead. After the band broke up, Turner began a sort of folk punk solo career playing mostly-acoustic songs. Through his career, he has occasionally released album with other artists. As a folk punk artist, many of Turner's songs are about politics and the freedom to enjoy life, but also the results of excess.


I discovered Frank Turner around 2012 while searching for songs that were anti-religious and found a video of him performing Glory Hallelujah live. I liked the song, so I found the album it was released on, England Keep My Bones which I really loved. I bought the album and downloaded his previous albums and enjoyed them as well. Around 2013-2014, I saw Frank Turner in concert and bought Love Ire & Song, Poetry of the Deed, and Tape Deck Heart. Unfortunately, I haven't kept up with his new stuff.


Released Title Band Rating Own
2003-09-01 A Song to Ruin Million Dead
2005-05-16 Harmony No Harmony Million Dead
2007-01-15 Sleep Is for the Week Solo 5
2008-03-31 Love Ire & Song Solo 2 Yes
2009-09-07 Poetry of the Deed Solo 4 Yes
2010-??-?? Buddies With Jon Snodgrass
2011-04-26 England Keep My Bones EP Solo
2011-06-07 England Keep My Bones Solo 1 Yes
2013-04-22 Tape Deck Heart Solo 3 Yes
2015-08-07 Positive Songs for Negative People Solo
2014-05-26 Möngöl Hörde Möngöl Hörde
2018-05-04 Be More Kind Solo
2019-08-16 No Man's Land Solo


This is a list of some of my favorite songs by Frank Turner. For all his songs, see Frank Turner Songs.



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