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Official artwork.

Freedom Planet is a scrolling platformer action game made by GalaxyTrail Games and released for Windows in 2014. The game was originally designed to be a clone of Sonic the Hedgehog, but the developer decided to make their own game instead. It has a better plot and story line and less-annoying level design. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the game, except the last bit of it.

I got this game through a Humble Bundle and decided to play it based on the attractive art in the screenshots.


I own this game and have beaten Lilac's story mode on normal difficulty.


  • Overall: 6/10
  • Best Version: Windows


  • The graphics are beautiful, the music is perfectly fitting, and the controls are very well done.
  • Unlike Sonic, Freedom Planet rarely punishes running at full speed into unknown areas of the map.
  • The voice acting is a little childish, but fitting for the game and nicely recorded.
  • Most of the bosses are difficult enough that they will kill you a couple times, but not so hard to make the game annoying.
  • I like the in-game unlockable media for those who put forth the effort to explore the maps fully.


  • The difficulty curve is a little skewed. At normal difficulty, the first five stages or so are really easy, but then the game becomes frustratingly difficult with the end bosses.


  • Nothing, a really solid game.