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Freeware is software that is released by the developer completely free, but the developer continues to hold the copyright. Freeware has no agreed upon definition, but, for the purposes of this site, it refers to any software where the copyright holder not only allows totally free distribution, but doesn't monetize the product in other ways, for example, by displaying advertisements or nagging the user to buy a deluxe version. "Freeware" is not a legal term or distribution license, though there are many licenses which can be described as freeware like the Creative Commons License and the Gnu Public License.

Although I love free software, I recognize that it's usually inferior to commercial software, and I often find that it's frequently in a state of disrepair because the developers got bored and never bothered to shore up various bugs or half-finished features. However, for a great deal of the tasks I need a computer to do, I have found a great deal of decent free programs.