Frog Fractions

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Frog Fractions

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Developer Twinbeard Studios
Publisher Twinbeard Studios
Published 2012-10-25
Platforms Browser, Macintosh, Windows
Genres Active puzzle, Comedy, Incremental, Management simulator, Multi-genre, Puzzle, Text adventure
Themes Cartoon, Surreal
Series Frog Fractions
Distribution Freeware

Frog Fractions is a surreal multi-genre video game developed and published by Twinbeard Studios as a browser game on 2012-10-25. The game was originally developed in Flash, then ported to Unity for play on Windows and Macintosh. It's the first game in the Frog Fractions series.

The game begins like an action game where you play a frog eating bugs to protect your fruit, with strange fractional numbers appearing which seem to imply it's an education game, though it doesn't actually test you on them at all. As you save fruit, you can buy upgrades and incrementally become more powerful, but then the game shifts to a typing game. As you play further into it, things become even more unusual, and you discover there is much more than meets the eye. The game is free on Steam and


Own?No. This game was never sold.

I missed Frog Fractions back when it was popular and ended up playing the sequel first, which was really quite a shock. After learning that it was a sequel, I was disappointed to learn that, due to the death of Flash, I wouldn't be able to play the original. Upon learning about the Flashpoint project, which lets you play Flash games in a virtual environment, I was finally able to play the game.


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Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Gaining the movement of the dragon is a great way to progress the game. As you try to avoid the projectiles from the bugs, it's likely that you'll go under the water and discover the pile of fruit. Failing that, the game occasionally drops presents which you might follow into the water.
  • The graphics and music are pretty nice. The tail effect on the dragon is pretty great.
  • The court room scene is pretty hilarious, as is the bug porn section.
  • I like how the typing words start out simple, but then become complex, but always stay hilarious.
  • Including a retro text adventure and management simulator was a lovely dose of nostalgia.
  • The heavy-difficulty Dance Dance Revolution segment was cute.


  • The game is too short. I would have loved to see it go on longer.
  • The underwater sequence is a bit dull.
  • Most of your decisions are meaningless. No matter how you answer the questions in court or how badly you do at DDR, you always get the same results.


  • Nothing.


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