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FCI's logo.

Fujisankei Communications International (FCI) is the American publishing arm of Fujisankei Communications Group (FCG). The company was formed in October of 1986 to bring various Japanese publications to the USA including television shows, radio programs, magazines, newspapers, records, and video games. Although they publish all sorts of content, I only know them because of their foray into video games.

FCI published just over 30 video games before dropping out of the market in 1995. Most of their titles were originally published in Japan by Pony Canyon, though they also published games from multiple American developers. The majority of their catalog was fantasy role-playing games, although they occasionally branched out into other genres. Their video game slogan was, "Not just kid stuff."


I first encountered FCI around 1989 because they were the North American publisher of one of my favorite NES games at the time, Ultima: Exodus. Later, I began seeing their logo on various other games, many of which were console ports of popular computer games. However, despite liking a lot of the titles they ported, I rarely bought their games for consoles, because I preferred the original MS-DOS versions.


These are the games FCI worked on that are important to me. For all games published by FCI see the category.





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