Funny Girl

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1st edition US hardcover.

Funny Girl is a novel written by Nick Hornby and published on 2014-11-06. The story takes place in the 1960s, and is about a woman named Barbara living in Blackpool, England. She adores Lucille Ball and longs to be a television comedian, but, because she looks like a bikini model, her dream is not taken seriously. In her attempt to enter stardom, she meets two radio program writers she admires working on a new show about marriage troubles, which is odd, because they're both gay.


I own a first edition US hardcover.



  • There are several laugh-out-loud passages.
  • It's interesting to learn about the difficulties that gay men faced in 1960s England when it was still illegal to be gay.



  • Nothing.


  • "You've got the bosom, the waist, the hair, the legs, the eyes . . . If I thought that murdering you with a meat cleaver, this minute, would get me half what you've got, I'd slice you up with out a second's thought and watch you bleed to death like a stuck pig." "Thank you," said Barbara.
  • She wasn't the sort of catch one could take home and show off to people; she was the sort of catch that drags the angler off the end of the pier and pulls him out to sea before tearing him to pieces as he's drowning.