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The GameCube is an seventh generation home video game console developed by Nintendo and Foxconn and first released by Nintendo on 2001-09-14. The GameCube uses a proprietary miniDVD optical disc as its primary medium for games. Although the GameCube saw a lot of critical acclaim, Nintendo only ended up selling about 22 million GameCubes, fewer even than the Nintendo 64.


I was done with buying video game consoles by the time the GameCube came out, so I didn't buy one, and, although I've seen a few friends play games on it, I'm pretty sure I've never even played one. I have played a handful of games on the system through emulation, but haven't been very impressed with the game library.


I have a broken GameCube in my video game scrap pile.


See all GameCube Games.

There currently aren't any games released on the GameCube that are important to me.


I don't know enough about the console to review it.


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