Garfield (LCD game)

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Garfield - LCD - USA - Unit.jpg

Handheld - USA.

Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Published 1991-??-??
Platforms LCD Handheld
Genres Action, Catcher
Themes Cartoon
Series Garfield
Distribution Commercial

Garfield is a catcher video game developed and published by Konami as an LCD game in 1991. The game is a licensed Garfield product.

In the game you control Garfield performing on the fence while angry neighbors throw objects at him. Odie hovers above on the moon sometimes throwing food down for you to catch, and Jon occasionally shows up to serve you lasagna. After you've eaten enough food, you can jump up to Odie on the moon and finish the level. You goal is to finish all six stages.



I never played this game growing up, but I saw it as one of the LCD games emulated on MAME and decided to try it out. I beat it on my very first attempt.


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Best Version: LCD

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The drawings look like they're pulled right out of the comic strip.


  • The sound is pretty awful.
  • The controls are not very responsive. It's like they only process every quarter second or so, so you have to hold them down to get a response.


  • The game is extremely shallow, you just avoid objects as they slowly increase in speed while occasionally trying to make a larger jump. Repeat six times and you win.
  • The game is too easy. I beat it on my very first time without even knowing how to play and died once while trying to figure out the controls. If I had half the hit points and half the lives, it still wouldn't take me long to win.


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