Gone Girl

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US hardcover, 1st edition.

Gone Girl is a mystery novel by Gillian Flynn, first published on 2012-06-05. The book was so popular, it was adapted to film in 2015. The story revolves around Nick Dunne who comes home to discover his wife Amy Elliott Dunne is missing, apparently due to abduction. Nick tries to figure out what happened to her while the police have him as their number one suspect. Backstory is filled in with alternating chapters from his wife's personal journal entries which detail their initial meeting, relationship, marriage, and descent into troubles and fighting.

While searching for a new audio book written by a woman, I saw this title and remembered hearing that it book did very well, so I gave it a shot.


I do not own this book, but I am listening to an audio book.



  • Interweaving the present investigation happening to Nick with past events from Amy's diary was an interesting format. It allowed the reader to compare Amy's evolving opinion of their relationship to Nick's current view.


  • Nick and Amy are both dull characters. They each have some good traits, but, overall, Nick is selfish and inattentive, and Amy is naive and privileged; they're neither awful nor great, so they're not interesting either. I never really cared if Amy was alive or dead or if Nick was guilty or innocent.
  • Nick never seems to care about his missing wife. He's always taking breaks from the treasure hunt, always waiting for everyone else to do things for him. It goes beyond frustrating to the point of having a hard time believing a person would act in such a blasé way.
  • A large part of the book is Amy and Nick arguing over petty things. Though I understand using this as a educational tool for the reader, a sort of cautionary tale about the importance of learning to communicate with your spouse, it just keeps dragging on.


  • It seems like Flynn couldn't make up her mind if she was going to write a mystery novel or a romance novel, so both genres feel diluted. There isn't enough mystery to be intriguing and there isn't enough romance to be exhilarating. The end result is a book that is boring.


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