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Gone Home is an first-person story-driven adventure game.



  • The story is fantastic. An outsider teen who becomes even more of an outsider as she gets older never wears itself out, and the addition of having parents who don't understand and are closet-hypocrites doesn't help.
  • The voice-acting by Sam is wonderful, and I became emotionally attached to her story.
  • Kaitlin's mouse-over commentary on some of the embarrassing objects is hilarious.
  • The side stories of the mother and father really make them
  • The designers did a good job of pacing the story without giving too much away too early. The narrative grows naturally, rather than having to be piece-mealed.
  • The atmosphere of the empty house and the hints at ghosts are just creepy enough to keep you on edge.
  • The incorporation of riot grrrl music, even though it's not my taste, was perfect.


  • The game is unfortunately too short, and can be finished in a couple of hours.
  • Some of the 3D models are reused a bit too often.
  • The ability to pickup and rotate the objects was never used to its full potential. None of the puzzles involved finding a clue on a hidden area in an object.
  • While I don't care for survival horror, and I'm glad they kept away from anything supernatural, I would have liked to have seen a bit more creepiness. The thunder, left-on televisions, attic entrance, furnace, dark dead-end in the basement, popped light bulb in the passage, seances, etc., were all wonderful touches that didn't go unnoticed, but I wouldn't have minded a little more.
  • The old notes left around the house were temporally out-of-place. I doubt I could find a better way to leave behind a note from 10-years-ago, but it still requires suspension of disbelief.
  • I felt like Oscar's story wasn't as fleshed out enough. You kind of understand what happened, but not really.
  • I like how just because there is a locked door, doesn't mean you're going to need a key to open it, but I wish there were a few other ways of keeping the player from getting information before they should rather than doors and combination locks.


  • Nothing. This game is amazing.