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The Goo Goo Dolls are an American rock group that began with a punk sound and slowly became more tame into their new soft rock sound. Most of the songs that I enjoy by them are between the Superstar Carwash album to the Gutterflower album.

I became interested in the Goo Goo Dolls when their Dizzy Up the Girl album made them very popular, especially from the song Iris which was an anthem for a girl I had a crush on at the time. I bought the album and loved it, then my friend Eric sold me their two earlier albums A Boy Named Goo and Superstar Carwash. The group took over my CD player for awhile. Then, after they took a long time to release their next album Gutterflower, and it sounded much more pop than their earlier work, my opinion of them waned.

I still love a lot of their music, but I'm less interested in them now that they've become an adult contemporary group, and looking back on their earlier work, I find it hard to listen to because of the utter monotony of the drums. I also have a problem with how Johnny Reznik has mistreated his drummers over the years which makes it harder to respect his music.

Favorite Songs