Good Dog, Happy Baby

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US hardcover, 1st edition.

Good Dog, Happy Baby: Preparing Your Dog For the Arrival of Your Child is a book written by Michael Wombacher and published in 2015. It's about training your dog to behave properly around newborn children.


This book was gifted to my wife and me after we announced that she was pregnant so that we could train our dog Lucy to behave properly around our upcoming twin daughters.


I have a first edition hardcover and have read it.



  • There are many good tips about how to get your dog and baby to live in harmony together.
  • The book has a lot of tips for general dog training as well.


  • Page 92 talks about the seriousness of having a potentially dangerous dog around infants. I understand the weight of this, but the author points you to page 92 about fifty times. It becomes more annoying than helpful.


  • Nothing.