Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth book written by JK Rowling in the Harry Potter series.



  • The description of the wizard's camp site and the various wizards from all over the world is really colorful.


  • The whole idea of magic using power words seems problematic, and gets worse as the number of spells expand. Who discovered all of these words? Are new words still being discovered? Why does a single word have a very specific outcome?
  • Arthur Weasley's incompetence toward Muggle objects is quaint at first, but quickly becomes ridiculous when he can't distinguish between the number 20 and 5.
  • The Ministry of Magic, and most of the wizarding world, seems to be entirely inept. A small band of Deatheaters start making trouble after the World Cup, and they aren't able to catch a single one of them? They can't even stun three kids, but have no trouble accusing each of them.
  • What's the point of cancelling Quidditch for the entire school for the Tri-Wizard tournament if only one student from Hogwarts is going to be in it? It seems as though Rowling did this solely to make sure that Quidditch couldn't be played without Harry.
  • Some of the teachers names are directly related to what they teach. Your name is Sprout? You'll teach herbology. Your name is Vector? You'll teach arimancy, etc. I'm hoping these are nicknames, otherwise, the wizarding world seems to have very predetermined occupations.
  • If portkeys are essentially the same as apparating, why doesn't Hogwarts prevent them in the same way they prevent apparating?
  • Why does Hogwarts continue to let Peeves stay in the school if all he does is ruin things and create mischief without contributing? Are the many professors incapable of exorcising him?
  • Since the teachers were in fear of under-aged students putting their names into the Goblet of Fire, why didn't they just require all the students to put their names in all at once, and then close it off? Why not post someone to guard it? It seems quite negligent to leave the Goblet unattended for days on end.
  • Even though Harry was forced to enter the tournament due to a contrive "magician's contract," why didn't the teachers just require him to purposely lose each event at the start? That would be fair to everyone else, while also keeping him safe.