Heroes and Cocktails

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Heroes and Cocktails

Robb Roy - Heroes and Cocktails.jpg

CD - USA - first edition.

Artist Robb Roy
Published 1999-01-12
Type Studio
Genre Hard rock, Alternative rock
Themes Relationships, breakups, consumerism

Heroes and Cocktails is the second studio album by Robb Roy released on 1999-01-12. The album is mostly hard rock and alternative rock with songs covering topics like politics, substance abuse, and relationships.


Own?Yes, CD.

I saw Robb Roy perform like at Arts, Beats, and Eats in Pontiac in 1999 with the family of my high school girlfriend. I liked the band enough to buy this CD, which was their latest album. Over the next couple months, I listened to the songs and really absorbed them, enjoying them quite a bit. I think Robb Roy was really talented, but they never really got big outside of Michigan because their genre was on the decline in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Track listing

All songs sung by Graham Strachan. Track 13 is a hidden track attached to the end of track 12.

Track Title Composers Rank Rating
1 Won't Feel a Thing Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Kevin Pruett, Perez Morris 3 Rating-5.svg
2 Shine Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 2 Rating-6.svg
3 Dream Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 11 Rating-4.svg
4 Anyway Kevin Pruett, Graham Strachan 7 Rating-5.svg
5 Magic Lotion Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Jason Kuehn, Don DiDonato 4 Rating-5.svg
6 Head Does Me In Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Kevin Pruett, Duane Huff 10 Rating-4.svg
7 It's Over Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 12 Rating-4.svg
8 Shame Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Kevin Pruett, Perez Morris 5 Rating-5.svg
9 Gimmie Gimmie Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 6 Rating-5.svg
10 Dirt Kevin Pruett 9 Rating-4.svg
11 Man Named Sam Jason Kuehn 1 Rating-7.svg
12 Sineater Jason Kuehn 8 Rating-4.svg
13 Stranger in My Kitchen  ? 13 Rating-2.svg

The album's total score is 218.