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Horrorscope is the second studio album by Eve 6.

It's a great follow up to Eve 6's first album. It had three singles, "Promise", "On the Roof Again", and "Here's to the Night" all three of which made it high into the charts, "Promise" did the best at #3 in US modern rock. The album features a cool comic book style cover, which was used in in the video for "Promise". My favorite tracks are both singles, "Here's to the Night" and "Promise". My least favorite is "Sunset Strip Bitch". Not quite as good as the first album, but certainly worth owning a copy.

I first heard this album on a sojourn to East Lansing to visit my friend Eric. Dave was playing the album on the ride home and I remember thinking the cover art was really cool. Years later after I got more into the group I bought the album. I now have my CD signed by the band.