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Hudson Soft's logo.

Hudson Soft was a Japanese electronics company which developed video games, video game consoles, computers, and mobile phones. The company began on 1973-05-18 under the name CQ Hudson and sold radio equipment. In 1975, they began selling home computer equipment, and, in 1978, they began selling video games. In 1983, Hudson became a third-party vendor for Nintendo and entered the publishing market by porting Lode Runner to the Famicom which became a huge success. They also worked closely with Nintendo porting their early NES games to Japanese home computers. Hudson Soft continued to branch out into other video game and home computer platforms and saw more success with the Bomberman, Adventure Island, and Bonk franchises. In 1987, Hudson Soft worked with NEC to develop the TurboGrafx-16 and later worked with Nintendo to develop the Mario Party series. After a financial problem in 2000, Hudson Soft went public, and Konami became the primary shareholder. Things got worse in the mid-2000s, as Hudson Soft saw bad sales and lost key employees to Nintendo. In 2011, Konami became the owner of the company, and, on 2012-03-01, Hudson Soft was liquidated by Konami.


I remember seeing Hudson's name after my brother and I got our NES market in the late 1980s. Although I wasn't very interested in video game companies, I do remember seeing Hudson's bee logo occasionally. Later in my life, when I started caring more about the companies that developed the games I played, I learned more about Hudson Soft and their games. Although only a few were important to me, Hudson Soft's vast catalog, and their early ties with Nintendo, allowed me to see them as a very important company.



Here are some of the games Hudson Soft developed or published that are important to me.

Nintendo 64





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