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Multi-platform world release.

HuniePop is a pornographic puzzle game and dating simulator developed and published by HuniePot in 2015 for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. In the game, you play an awkward faceless man who is taught by a love fairy how to convince women to have sex with him. You do this by playing a tile-matching game which earns you money which can be used to buy the women gifts. The more gifts you buy them, and the better you do in the matching game, the more they love you and send you pornographic pictures until you eventually have sex with them.

I saw some friends playing this game at a video game party and thought it looked interesting. I later got it as part of a Humble Bundle and played it.


I own this game and have beaten it with 100% completion.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game is well-polished. The artwork for both the interface and characters is professionally done, the voices are well acted, and the game has a good ambient soundtrack by Jonathan Wandag.
  • I like that Kyu often breaks the fourth wall with jokes about the game.
  • Momo and Celeste have particularly nice trivia questions because you can actually learn from them.
  • Venus's questions do a good job of reminding the player just how little they have paid attention to the women of the game.
  • Finding Celeste is a nice mini puzzle.
  • The idea of receiving sexts from women after a successful date was a good idea and adds a bit of realism to the game.


  • The full-screen art of the women doesn't match their paper-doll art very well. Seems like different artists worked on each section.
  • Despite billing itself as a "dating simulator," the game has very little to do with the process of dating.
  • While the tile-matching puzzle is fun, the games of information-gathering and gift-giving are so easy they're tedious.
  • There is very little variation in body types of the various women. They're all skinny, with thin legs and hips, and large breasts.
  • Although the game does have four non-white women, they still look like generic anime rather than their individual ethnicities.
  • The visible cameltoe in most outfits for most of the women is rather obnoxious.
  • The Steam release is censored, however, the developer nicely created a simple override.


  • The only punishment for failure is winning fewer points. You can forget everything a woman tells you about herself, give her gifts she hates, and talk like an ass, but she'll still accept every offer to go on a date.
  • The women in the game are 2-dimensional. Nearly every answer to their questions is predictable.
  • The game's underlying mechanics are pretty dull. Without the polish and pornographic reward, it wouldn't be worth playing.
  • Though I know it's a game, lying to women for sexual coercion, even fictional women, makes me feel gross.
  • Momo is pretty disturbing. She states her age as 1 (in cat years), acts like a clueless child, calls the player her "master," and has a bondage photo.
  • Finding Momo is completely random and pretty much requires a spoiler.


Box Art


This is the order in which I appreciated the various women in the game.

Rank Name Notes
1 Aiko Funny, sarcastic, intelligent, more realistic dialogue, and she's more sexual than sexualized.
2 Jessie Great dialogue, and more sexual than sexualized.
3 Kyanna Very fun character, interesting responses and dialogue.
4 Kyu Very funny dialogue, more sexual than sexualized.
5 Beli Very kind, but kooky beliefs.
6 Audry Very funny, but highly obnoxious. However, it's hinted that she has a more interesting past.
7 Venus Very confident, but not much interesting dialogue.
8 Celeste An interesting introduction, but her dialogue is pretty dull.
9 Tiffany A very sweet woman, but not very interesting.
10 Lola Quite dull, talks to you like you're a airline passenger.
11 Nikki Boring, pitiful, unintelligent, low self-esteem.
12 Momo Obnoxious dialogue, annoying voice, childish.


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