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IBM's logo.

IBM (International Business Machines) is an American-based business technology company. It was founded in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, but changed names to IBM in 1924. The company has been a pioneer in electronic computing and as invented a lot of the technology that became commonplace in computers including the hard disk drive, floppy disk, relational database, and the SQL programming language. The company was also quite progressive, giving their employees various benefits and bringing in minorities (black, gay, disabled, etc.) long before they were required by law. Although, some of this may have been done to try and purge the company's history with the Nazis.


In the mid-1990s, I had computer fever and loved everything to do with them. Since it was one of the largest home computer companies at the time, I really loved IBM as well. I remember doing a report on the company's founder, Thomas John Watson. However, as I got older, and became more interested in the ethics of business, I started hearing more about IBM's cutthroat tactics, and began hating the company. Also, I watched several history of computer documentaries at the time and saw IBM as a bunch of suits, which clashed with my West Coast mentality, and I liked watching them get taken down by, at the time, underdogs Apple and Microsoft. I'm still not much of a fan of IBM, but I admire all the contributions they've made to the field of computers, and their progressive treatment of their employees.




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