Illusion of Gaia

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Illusion of Gaia is an action role-playing by Enix.



  • Over all, the game is a fun action RPG, with plenty of play time.
  • The game has some really nice graphics and animation.
  • Being able to turn into a more powerful knight is a fun addition.
  • While not as impressive as Square's soundtracks, the music is professional and fitting.


  • The story doesn't make much sense and does nothing to make the characters seem important or lovable.
  • The red crystals, while a nice addition to the game, are hidden in such ridiculous locations that they force you to search every single area of every map to find them.
  • A lot of the enemies are boring and uninspired.
  • While I love the idea of using various ancient cultures, the designers often mix cultures incorrectly, like having Lamasu in Incan ruins.
  • You weapon has a huge hit box, often hitting enemies that weren't actually touched by your weapon.
  • I don't like the fact that enemies may only be killed once and that you don't collect experience points. I do like the system of constantly rewarding the player with minor improvements, but they are entirely planned. Most of the time, you have to fight all of the enemies in a room anyway, so for less-skilled players, there is little option to grind for better stats.
  • The cutscenes are really drawn out and dull.


  • Allowing the D-pad to clear dialogue boxes at the end of a conversation is especially annoying, and often results in missed text.