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ImageMagick is a free cross-platform image editing program that uses a scripting language to create, edit, and convert between over 200 different image formats. It can be run in various forms including a command-line program, being invoked through OLE, as a PHP module, and various others.

Using Imagemagick

Command Line

This command line script will take a folder full of JPEGs and make a PDF document out the them where each page of the PDF has a single image centered on the page. The page size specified here yields a standard letter size (8.5" x 11") at 72 DPI.

magick *.jpg -gravity center -extent 612x792 -density 72 output.pdf

OLE Invocation

By default, ImageMagick is not installed with OLE support, but it can be turned on in the installer by checking on the Install ImageMagickObject OLE Control for VBscript Visual Basic, and WSH box. Once installed in this way, you can access it using any program with OLE support. Here is a JScript example that creates a square JPEG image using the OLE module.

var oIM = new ActiveXObject("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1");
oIM.convert("-size", "512x512", "xc:white", 
 "-fill", "white", "-stroke", "black", "-draw", "rectangle 0,0 511,511", 
 "-fill", "blue", "-stroke", "none", "-font", "Tahoma", "-pointsize", "48", "-gravity", "center", "-draw", "text 0,0 'Square'", 
 "-quality", "90%", "Square.jpg");


  • Download (Info) - A collection of JScript programs that perform basic ImageMagick functions like rotation, format conversion, blurring, etc.


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