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ImageMagick Tools is a graphics program I wrote and first released on 2023-07-07. The application uses ImageMagick to easily perform operations on batches of images. The program is written in C# and uses the 16-bit HDRI Magick.NET library.

How to use:

  1. Download and unzip the program.
  2. Double-click ImageMagickTools.exe to launch it.
  3. Drag-and-drop images into to the white box on the left.
  4. Click the various buttons on the right.

Features include:

  • Quickly batch convert images to any of the hundreds of formats supported by ImageMagick with additional options for PNG and JPEG.
  • Optimize compression in batches.
  • Easily create PDF books or multi-image TIFFs.
  • Easily create a Windows icon from any image.

Planned features:

  • More options for PDF books.
  • Applying watermarks.
  • Palette conversions.
  • Basic effects.


After the developers of ImageMagick decided to stop supporting OLE integration, all my ImageMagick JScript programs were rendered useless. I had grown fond of my scripts, because they allowed me to very rapidly perform operations on a batch of images, something that is always a chore in professional graphics programs, but the developers made it very clear that they weren't going to support OLE ever again and suggested using Magick.NET instead. So, I set about writing a program to allow similar easy batch operations, and this program is the result.