InterAct SN ProgramPad

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The InterAct SN ProgramPad.

The SN ProgramPad is a licensed third-party video game controller made by STD and sold by InterAct and usable on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom. In addition to the 4-way D-pad, Y, X, B, and A facing buttons, start and select, and left and right shoulder buttons, it adds a slow button, auto button, and three new facing buttons which can be programmed to repeat a button sequence. There are also set and mode buttons for programming it, and a small LCD for display which showed how the programmed sequence would work.

A version was also created for the Genesis.


I had only seen this once. I had Street Fighter II: Turbo - Hyper Fighting and a friend of my brother's came over and had this controller with him. I was very impressed by its bulk and the fact that it had an LCD display. After he programmed it with Zangeif's spinning pile-driver special move, which is ordinarily difficult to pull off on a D-pad, he was able to use it simply with the press of a button and became a force to be reckoned with! Unfortunately, I never got a chance to play with it.


I don't know enough about this controller to review it.