Introducing... Hello Saferide

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Introducing... Hello Saferide

Hello Saferide - Introducing.jpg

CD - Sweden - first edition.

Artist Hello Saferide
Published 2005-09-28
Type Studio
Genre Twee pop
Themes Neuroticism, relationships, friendships

Introducing... Hello Saferide is the debut studio album of Hello Saferide published on 2005-09-28. The songs are mostly twee pop dealing with Annika Norlin's various neuroses, relationships (both positive and negative), and friendships. This album was later released with all the songs from Would You Let Me Play This EP 10 Times a Day? on it.


Own?Yes. Imported CD with additional EP songs included on it.

After enjoying a song by Hello Saferide from an indie playlist, I sought out more of their music and found several tracks from this album. I liked them so much, I bough the album.

Track Listing

All songs and lyrics are composed by Annika Norlin. Different regions have different song orders, and some regions add in songs from .

Track Title Vocals Rank Rating
01 Nothing Like You (When You're Gone) Annika Norlin 10 Rating-5.svg
02 My Best Friend Annika Norlin 7 Rating-6.svg
03 If I Don't Write This Song, Someone I Love Will Die Annika Norlin 8 Rating-6.svg
04 I Thought You Said Summer Is Going to Take the Pain Away Annika Norlin, Ludwig Bell 1 Rating-9.svg
05 I Don't Sleep Well Annika Norlin 4 Rating-7.svg
06 Long Lost Penpal Annika Norlin, Andrea Kellerman 3 Rating-7.svg
07 Saturday Nights Annika Norlin 9 Rating-6.svg
08 San Francisco Annika Norlin 11 Rating-2.svg
09 Get Sick Soon Annika Norlin 2 Rating-8.svg
10 I Can't Believe It's Not Love! Annika Norlin 5 Rating-7.svg
11 Loneliness Is Better When You're Not Alone Annika Norlin 6 Rating-6.svg
12 Highschool Stalker Annika Norlin 12 Rating-0.svg

The album's total score is 722.