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A popular unofficial JavaScript logo.

JavaScript is a client-side high-level scripting language created by Sun Microsystems and Netscape in 1995 to run in their Netscape Navigator browser. Although the name suggests it's a derivative of Java, JavaScript is a wholly unique language. Like Java, the language uses the structured programming syntax of C and braces to indicate scope. The language uses prototype-based Object-orientation and weakly and dynamically typed variables.

Shortly after it was released, Microsoft reverse-engineered it and made a clone called JScript, but Netscape successfully submitted JavaScript to the European Computer Manufacturers Association which standardized it, and it quickly became the most popular Web-based scripting language, and Microsoft stopped updating JScript. The JavaScript brand is currently owned by Oracle.


I became interested in JavaScript in the early 2000s when I started expanding my personal Web page. Over the years, I learned more and more about how to write in JavaScript, and now I'm a fairly competent programmer.