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The about dialog.

Jewel Thief is an action game developed by Paul Ligeski and self-published in 1991 for Windows 3. It was later republished by ServantWare and included in the first version of FunPack. In the game, the National Museum's jewel collection has been stolen, and it's your job to steal them back. Each stage has a different jewel and guard which you must steal from. You do this by using the mouse to move your "thief" around the screen to pick up the jewels while avoiding the guards who bounce around the screen. Getting hit by a guard costs you a life, so does "hiding" outside of the screen.

I first saw this game after borrowing FunPack from a middle school friend. It took me awhile to understand why I kept dying, but after reading the rules I was able to get pretty good at it. I probably played several dozen times before I finally beat it.

One thing I noticed about this game, if you slow it down heavily in an emulator, you will notice that several of the backgrounds aren't bitmaps, but are actually drawn using 2D vector primitives.


I do not own this game, but I have beaten it.


  • Overall: 2/10
  • Best Version: Windows 3


  • I like how each stage has a new gem and guard, and how every other stage has a new background.
  • Making the player the mouse cursor was a pretty clever idea.


  • The game has very little depth. The mechanics remain the same from the first stage to the last.
  • The graphics flicker pretty badly making it a little difficult to keep track of the guards.
  • The playable area is already pretty small, but it also doesn't scale with higher screen resolutions, which makes the game harder.
  • The game lacks multimedia. There isn't any sound or music.
  • Some of the "guards" become a bit ridiculous.
  • The ending is quite lame.


  • Nothing.