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Jon Siebels (c. 2016).

Jonathan Lee Siebels (born 1979-08-27), is an American musician best known as the lead guitarist for the alternative rock group, Eve 6. Siebels and Max Collins founded Eve 6 in 1998, and Siebels continued with the group until it disbanded in 2004. In 2005, Siebels formed a new group called Monsters Are Waiting and, while he was busy with them, didn't work with Collins or former Eve 6 drummer Tony Fagenson when they began The Sugi Tap in 2007. In 2010, Siebels contributed to Hesta Prynn's solo debut EP. Then, in 2011, Siebels officially rejoined Eve 6 for Speak in Code and continues to play in the band to this day.


I have seen Siebels play several times with Eve 6 and met him a couple times. He's always been a bit more reserved compared to the other members.


With Eve 6

Released Album Title Type
1996-??-?? Eleventeen Demo
1998-04-28 Eve 6 Studio
2000-07-25 Horrorscope Studio
2003-07-22 It's All in Your Head Studio
2010-??-?? Extended Versions Live
2012-04-24 Speak in Code Studio


Released Album Title Type Group
2005-10-?? Monsters Are Waiting... EP Monsters Are Waiting
2006-06-06 Fascination Studio Monsters Are Waiting
2008-10-28 Ones and Zeros EP Monsters Are Waiting
2010-07-06 Can We Go Wrong EP Hesta Prynn



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