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Jurassic World can best be summed up as "An awful remake of Jurassic Park." I watched this in theaters on 2015-06-13 with some friends, and afterward we had very little to say about it, other than, Jurassic Park (Film) was really good, this movie was really bad.



  • I like the idea of training raptors, like training tigers, but they failed to do anything interesting with the concept.


  • The movie tries to rehash the morals of the first movie: playing mother nature is not a wise choice; you can't control wild animals; you must approach genetics with great humility, and so on. Jurassic Park succeeded in each point, Jurassic World fails in each.
  • Cross-breeding a dinosaur with cuttlefish DNA to speed up growth doesn't mean that it will also be able to have chameleon skin, or the ability to control it, or the brain power to know when to do so. Same with controlling its body temperature. And as the movie reminded us, by being kept in a cage its whole life, there is no reason for the animal to even understand any of these concepts.
  • The movie relied too much on cheesy one-liners for humor. I got a chuckle out of some of them, but they only reminded me just how phoney the world is.
  • Pterosaurs were lifting about twice their body weight. This is like a crow picking up an entire raccoon. Not gonna happen.
  • The movie doesn't even try to put feathers on any of the dinosaurs. Sure, they give an acceptable cop-out, but they would have been much more interesting (and scary) with feathers.


  • I really don't like movies where innocent people are killed for no reason. When the pterosaurs escaped, countless park visitors are killed, but nothing is added to the plot of the movie because of this. The gravity of an escaped dinosaur is terrifying by itself, killing a bunch of tourists doesn't help.
  • The raptors giving up their allegiance just because the other dino had raptor DNA was ridiculous. Think of a dog trainer who spends years training a pack of dogs, and while hunting together, the dogs encounter a huge elephant with a little bit of dog DNA spliced into it. Do you think the dogs will suddenly turn on their master?