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Yuzu flavored gummies.

Kasugai Gummy Candy is a line of gummy candies made by Japanese candy maker, Kusagai. They are primarily sold in pouches with individually wrapped gummy discs. The candy is made with real fruit juice (as well as artificial flavors), so they taste far more like the fruit on the label compared to American candies. I bought my first bag of Kasugai Gummy Candy around 2010, and I have been enjoying them ever since. In addition to standard fruit flavors, the line also has more traditional Asian fruits like lychee, yuzu, and even Ramune. One thing I especially like about the packaging is the Mylar interior on the pouch which keeps the gummies soft for a long time.


This is my opinion of each Kasugai gummy flavor, and how I rank them.

Flavor Rank Notes
Apple 12 A very accurate red apple flavor, but a bit bland like red apples.
Cranberry Never had it.
Grape 1 The best grape flavor I've had in a candy. Has a strong flavor of real grapes.
Kiwi 6 An accurate kiwi flavor without the strange numbness I get from real kiwi. Even has kiwi seeds in the candy.
Lemonade Never had it.
Lychee 8 not bad for an otherwise dull fruit.
Mango 5 A nice strong mango flavor. Very delicious.
Melon Never had it.
Muscat 2 The best green grape flavor I've had in a candy.
Orange Never had it.
Peach 4 Based on the white peach. A very good fruit flavor.
Pineapple 3 The best pineapple flavor I've had in a candy. Not bland like American pineapple, but tastes like the ripe fruit.
Ramune 7 Definitely has the extremely sweet taste of Ramune.
Strawberry 10 Tastes like real strawberries with the tartness included. Very different from artificial strawberry.
Watermelon 11 Very close to the actual fruit, but, because of that, quite a bland flavor.
Yuzu 9 Captures the bitterness of yuzu nicely.