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King's Questions is a King's Quest-themed trivia game developed and published by Sierra On-Line in 1994 for MS-DOS and bundled with the King's Quest: Collector's Edition. The game is programmed in the Sierra Creative Interpreter 2.

The game is set after the events of King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow as Prince Alexander and Princess Cassima sail from the Land of the Green Isles back to Daventry. Multiple-choice trivia questions are posed along the trip, but, unbeknownst to you, the success of your answers affects the safety of the ship! Too many wrong answers and your ship will sink!


After my cousin bought the King's Quest: Collector's Edition, we found this trivia game bundled in with it. At the time, we had not played games 1-3, but we were very familiar with games 4-6, so always beat the game, just not in the best shape at the end. I played the game several times and memorized most of the questions until I was able to beat it with getting a single question wrong. I think I got a perfect run not too long after playing the game, in 1994.


I don't own this game, but I have beaten it.


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Best Version: DOS

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Thanks to the wealth of games available, the questions cover a lot of different topics.
  • As is typical for Sierra, the graphics are pretty good, even for a mini game.


  • There aren't enough questions. Even after only your second play-through, you'll see repeating questions.
  • Some of the questions have such ridiculous multiple-choice answers that even someone unfamiliar with the game could get them right.


  • Nothing.