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Konami's logo.

Konami Holdings Corporation, better known simply as Konami, is a Japanese entertainment company which produces video games, trading cards, anime, movies, and, oddly, fitness clubs. Konami was founded in 1969 as an arcade video game developer and publisher, but slowly expanded into various other products lines. They have corporate branches across the world.

The first Konami game I remember playing was Frogger around 1986, but I didn't become familiar with the company until the late 1980s through their NES games, particularly Contra and Life Force. I certainly bought and played a lot of Konami (and Ultra) games, and while they created a lot of great games, they always fell short of the games put out by Nintendo and Capcom.


Here are some of the games Konami created that are important to me.


Game Boy Advance


Nintendo Entertainment System


These are people who worked at Konami whose work I appreciate.



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