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LibreOffice Writer.

LibreOffice is an open source cross-platform full-featured software suite for office management and desktop publishing which uses a very unobtrusive nagware model. It was created after stopped being commercially available and functions as a replacement for expensive office suites like Microsoft Office. In addition to having programs that effectively replace Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, LibreOffice also contains a basic vector graphics program and math formula editor.

I stopped using Microsoft Office all together when I learned about, but, when Oracle bought Sun Microsystems and killed, I went searching for a replacement. I found that the majority of the developers had left and created a new free project called LibreOffice by forking the code.


Title Function Microsoft Office Equivalent
Writer Document creation Word
Calc Spreadsheet Excel
Impress Presentations PowerPoint
Base Database management Access
Draw Graphic editor Publisher
Math Mathematics formula editor None


LibreOffice traces it roots back to a text-based word processor called StarWriter in 1985. The software saw improvements and expansion being renamed StarOffice and became a more affordable alternative to Microsoft Office. In 1998, it was given away as freeware, and, in 1999, the suite was purchased by Sun Microsystems, who released it as open source shortly after and renamed it to In 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle, and they ceased releasing new versions of OpenOffice. This caused several groups to fork the last OpenOffice code and produce their own office suites, the most popular is now LibreOffice.


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