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File:LifeGenesis - WIN3 - Screenshot - New Game.png
Starting a new game of Tut's Tomb.

LifeGenesis is a puzzle video game developed by Jim Horne and published by Microsoft in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows 3 in 1991. The game is based on Conway's Game of Life, but, in addition to simulating the game, it also includes a two-player competitive version.


I never owned this game, and, although some friends of mine did, I never took the time to understand what it was, so I never played it. However, in my 30's I looked into Conway's Game of Life much deeper, even to the point of programming a simulator myself. So, when I tried the game again when I was 40, I put in more effort to play it. I beat all the difficulty levels on 2020-07-24.


I don't own this game, but have beaten the two-player mode on all difficulty levels.


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Best Version: Windows 3

— This section contains spoilers! —



  • The game is multimedia-challenged, using the default 16-color Windows palette and lacking sound and music.


  • Nothing.