Like a Rock

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Like a Rock

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - Like a Rock - Vinyl.jpg

Vinyl - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Published 1986-04-14
Type Studio
Genre Rock, Heartland rock, Country rock
Themes Relationships, breakups, redemption, nostalgia

Like a Rock is the thirteenth studio album by Bob Seger, and his fifth with the Silver Bullet Band. It was released on 1986-04-14. The music includes various forms of rock, particularly heartland rock and country rock.



My stepfather had this album on cassette in the late 1980s, so I would frequently hear it when riding in the car with him. I very much prefer side A over side B. One of the things I like about the album is, although it covers a lot of themes common in country music, like being a touch rugged individual, it isn't jingoistic nonsense. Instead, there is a song about immigration, which, although a little problematic, still embraces the concept of the USA welcoming in refugees.

Track Listing

All tracks sung by Bob Seger.

Track Title Composer Rank Rating
A1 American Storm Bob Seger 1 Rating-7.svg
A2 Like a Rock Bob Seger 2 Rating-5.svg
A3 Miami Bob Seger 4 Rating-4.svg
A4 The Ring Bob Seger 5 Rating-4.svg
B1 Tightrope Craig Frost, Bob Seger 9 Rating-1.svg
B2 The Aftermath Craig Frost, Bob Seger 8 Rating-1.svg
B3 Sometimes Bob Seger 6 Rating-2.svg
B4 It's You Bob Seger 7 Rating-2.svg
B5 Somewhere Tonight Bob Seger 3 Rating-5.svg

The album's total score is 118.



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