List of books I've read

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This is a categorized list of all the books I've read, to the best of my memory. You can also see the category to see every book that has its own page.

As of 2022-10-31, I've read about 642 books which equates to reading a book every 24.2 days of my life.

Ancient Writings

Books in this category are over 500 years old.

Baby Books

These books are meant to be read to babies.

Biographies & Memoirs

These are non-fiction biographies or memoirs.


These are collections of newspaper comics, not graphic novels.

Field Guides

These are non-fiction nature guides.


This is general fiction targeted to elementary level reading and higher.

Game Books

Books in this list have game elements to them.

Graphic Novels

These are books are presented in comic form, but carry a coherent story and are usually targeted towards teens or adults.


This is general non-fiction for children and adults.


These are books consisting mostly of poetry.

Video Game Books

These books are published works that act as video game manuals, hint books, and various other video game guides. I rarely read books of this nature cover-to-cover, but there have been some exceptions.

Young Children's Books

Books in this list are for young children who either can't yet read, or are learning to read. These books usually rely heavily on illustrations.