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! Candy !! Notes
! Candy !! Notes
| 3 Musketeers || Chocolate nougat coated in chocolate. Nice and fluffy, but a bit boring. Originally sold with three bars: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but only chocolate remains. I wish I could buy it in three flavors again.
| 3 Musketeers || Chocolate nougat coated in chocolate. Nice and fluffy, but a bit boring. Originally sold with three bars: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but only chocolate remains. I wish I could buy it in three flavors because I've never had them.
| 100 Grand || Caramel coated in puffed rice all coated in chocolate. Very good, the puffed rice adds a nice crispiness.
| 100 Grand || Caramel coated in puffed rice all coated in chocolate. Very good, the puffed rice adds a nice crispiness.

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Candy Notes
3 Musketeers Chocolate nougat coated in chocolate. Nice and fluffy, but a bit boring. Originally sold with three bars: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but only chocolate remains. I wish I could buy it in three flavors because I've never had them.
100 Grand Caramel coated in puffed rice all coated in chocolate. Very good, the puffed rice adds a nice crispiness.
Almond Joy Sweetened coconut with whole almonds, coated in chocolate. Very good, nice crunch from the almonds. Better than Mounds.
Atomic Fireball A hot cinnamon jawbreaker. Too hot to be enjoyable.
Baby Ruth Chocolate nougat surrounded by peanuts in caramel, all coated in chocolate. Fairly good, but I prefer a Pay Day.
Bonds Assorted Toffee Whirls Toffee swirled with a creme filling. Very sweet, but a little bland.
Bonds Barley Sugar A sweet hard candy that's very familiar tasting, but still unique.
Bonds Clotted Cream Fudge Kind of like a clumpy version of American caramel. Good flavor, not as chewy as I'd like.
Bonds Fruit Pastilles Gummi candies coated in sugar. Basically, firm gumdrops, but made with real fruit juice. Better than most American gumdrops.
Bonds Rhubarb & Custard Hard candy with a mildly tart flavor. Pretty good, and, thankfully, doesn't taste much like real rhubarb.
Boston Baked Beans Sugar coated peanuts. I used to like them a lot as a child, but now I find they have an almost papery flavor.
Bun A soft patty coated in chocolate with nuts. Centers include maple, caramel, and vanilla. Far too sweet.
Butterfinger Crispy peanut butter and honey center coated in chocolate. I used to love it but they switched the formula in 2019 and gave it a stronger roasted flavor, but it now has an almost burnt bitterness to it which I don't like as much.
Candy Buttons Small candy blobs adhered to a sheet of paper. Despite their colors, they're often the same bland flavor. You usually end up eating a fair amount of paper trying to eat the buttons.
Carlos V Solid milk chocolate bar. Really good smooth chocolate, one of the best.
Charms Mini Pops Pretty awful suckers. They all have a strange chemical flavor. The bag advertises 12 flavors, but the vast majority are of only 6 flavors. Of them, the only one I like is fruit punch.
Charleston Chew Taffy-like nougat coated in chocolate. Nougats include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Not that great.
Cherri and Bubb Mike and Ike style candy with just cherry and bubble gum flavors. It was nice to have bubble gum, but cherry already existed in the original Mike and Ike, so it was redundant.
Chunky Peanuts and raisins in a thick square chocolate bar. Hard to break, the raisins hurt the flavor.
Crows Licorice flavored dots. Gross, unless you like licorice.
Cry Baby Gumball with a citric acid coating to make them sour. Loses flavor and sourness extremely fast.
Dots Chewy gumdrops without any sugar coating. Flavors, in order of appreciation are: strawberry, cherry, lime, lemon, and orange.
Dove Milk Chocolate Milk chocolate with a nice smooth texture. Very good.
Drumstick Squashies - Sour Cherry & Apple A hybrid of marshmallow and gummi. Good flavor and texture. Goofy name. They're not drumstick shaped, instead, they look like school erasers.
Dum Dums Small lollypops with a large variety of flavors. I used to like them more as a child, but now I find them to have a rather odd after taste.
Fruit Salad Same texture and packaging as Star Burst, even to the point of using a tear drop, but only one flavor, a swirl of pineapple and raspberry. Sweet and chewy, but almost medicinal in taste.
Fruit Stripe Extremely sweet striped chewing gum sticks. Great flavor for a few seconds before it loses its flavor.
Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum Extremely sweet striped bubble gum sticks. Great flavor for a few seconds before it loses its flavor. Slightly better for blowing bubbles.
Fun Dip Flavored powered sugar with citric acid (similar to Pixy Stix) in little pouches to be eaten with the included candy sticks which are also powered sugar pressed into a long tablet. You lick the stick to get it wet, dip it in the powder which sticks to the wet stick, and then eat the powder off the stick. Originally called Lik-M-Aid and sold with four flavors: cherry, grape, lime, and orange. When I ate it as a child, it was called Fun Dip and sold with three flavors in a long pack. Now, there are all sorts of flavors.
Good & Fruity Like Good & Plenty, only with cherry flavored candy in the center instead of licorice, and a different flavored coating based on the color. Original flavors were raspberry, cherry, lime, lemon, and orange. In 1992, the center candy was changed to match the exterior color. The candy frequently goes out of production. It was brought back in 2008 with raspberry replaced with blue raspberry.
Good & Plenty Pink and white candy-coated licorice cylinders. Gross.
Harry Potter Candy
Heath English toffee with chopped almonds throughout, coated in chocolate. Really good, delicious toffee flavor and enjoyable crunch.
Hershey's Kisses Small pyramid-shaped chocolates wrapped in foil. Pretty boring, but various forms have been made including almond, white-chocolate "Hugs," cherry, mint, and others.
Hershey's Milk Chocolate A simple milk chocolate bar. Too sweet, poor texture.
Hot Tamales Mike and Ike style candy, but all cinnamon. Nice flavor, decent heat, but gets boring with just one flavor.
Jaw Busters A grape-sized multi-layered hard spherical candy. Kind of bland, but they last a long time.
Jolly Joes Mike and Ike style candy of all grape. Gets boring fast.
Jolly Rancher Hard candy with a variety of flavors, most of which are delicious. Sold in a variety of shapes including long flat sticks, short flat sticks, smaller rectangular drops, and suckers. I prefer the smaller rectangular drops.
Jolly Rancher Misfits Gummy candies with two flavors in each piece. Flavors include green apple/cherry, blue raspberry/watermelon, and strawberry/lemon. Candy uses proper Jolly Rancher flavors, and I like the gummy texture, but I would prefer if the flavors were separate.
Jujubes Semi-hard chewy candies in small cylinders. Flavors include (in order of appreciation): raspberry, lime, grape, lemon, orange. Usually too hard to enjoy.
Jujyfruits Semi-hard chewy candies in fruit shapes. Flavors include (in order of appreciation): raspberry, lime, lemon, orange, and anise. I like the idea, but I usually find they're too hard to appreciate because they get stuck in your teeth.
Junior Mints Small chocolate discs with a peppermint filling. Decent, but not as good as a York Peppermint Pattie.
Kasugai Gummy Candy
Kinder Chocolate Milk chocolate with sweet milk filling and a little Aryan boy on the cover. Kind of Nazi-looking, but extremely good.
KitKat A wafer bar coated in chocolate. Good flavor, nice crunch.
Krispy Flat milk chocolate bar with krispy rice inside. Not as good as a Nestlé Crunch bar.
Laffy Taffy Taffy in assorted flavors with lame jokes on the wrappers. The taffy has a good texture, and most of the flavors are good. Unfortunately, you rarely see flavors other than strawberry and banana, and the cheap packaging causes the taffy to harden very quickly.
Lem and Mel Mike and Ike style candy consisting of just lemon and watermelon flavors. The watermelon was a nice addition, but lemon was in the original, so it was redundant.
Lemonhead A hard lemon candy spheres with a slightly chewy coating. Sold individually as grape-sized candies and in a box with smaller chick pea-sized candies. Later flavors include Grapeheads, Cherryheads, Appleheads, and Orangeheads.
LifeSavers Small torus-shaped hard candies. I enjoy most of the flavors which include peppermint, wintergreen, assorted fruit (which have changed over the years), butter rum, orange mint, and several others. My favorite fruit flavors are: cherry, blackberry, pineapple, watermelon, and orange.
Mike and Ike Barrel-shaped candies with a chewy center and semi-hard shell. Flavors, from favorite to least, are: cherry, lime, orange, and lemon.
Mike and Ike - Mega Mix Mike and Ike with 10 fruit flavors including: Caribbean punch, strawberry-banana, paradise punch, grape soda, kiwi banana, mango delight, watermelon, pineapple banana, peach berry, and blue raspberry. Far more enjoyable than the regular mix.
Milanówek Milky Cream Fudge Basically clumpy American caramel from Poland. Bland.
Mary Jane Peanut and molasses chews. Very good.
Mentos Fruit I like the hard shell with a chewy center, but there are only three flavors, two of which are citrus: strawberry, orange, and lemon. Also, the flavors are randomly filled and seem to have far more strawberry.
Mentos Mint Good texture, nice minty flavor.
Milky Way Nougat and soft caramel covered in chocolate. Used to be my favorite chocolate bar, but now I find it to be a bit too sweet.
Milky Way Caramel Soft caramel covered in chocolate. Too much caramel, not enough anything else.
Milky Way Midnight White nougat and caramel covered in dark chocolate. My favorite chocolate bar.
Mounds Sweetened coconut coated in dark chocolate. Pretty good, but not as good as Almond Joy.
Mr. Goodbar Hershey's milk chocolate with peanuts. Better than the plain chocolate bar, but not amazing.
Nerds Sugar crystals coated in a colorful candy shell. Originally sold in a box with two compartments, each with a different flavor. Over the years, many different flavors have been made, but they're generally sold now with just grape and strawberry. I liked these as a child, but now I find them to be too sweet.
Nestlé Crunch Flat milk chocolate bar with crispy rice inside. Pretty good and better than Krispy.
Nordic Sweets Soft Raspberries Swedish raspberry gumdrops. They are bouncier than American gumdrops and require more pressure to chew through. Good highly sweet raspberry flavor.
Now and Later Shell Shocked Puts a smooth hard shell on Now and Laters and sold unwrapped in a bag of assorted flavors. Kind of nice because they don't dry out as badly as ordinary Now and Laters, but they're also considerably softer which takes away some of the fun of the candy. I don't care much for them, but I like the favorite in the following order: cherry, grape, apple, banana, and strawberry (which tastes strange).
PayDay Peanut butter nougat coated with caramel, and a thick layer of salted peanuts. Really good. Better than a Baby Ruth.
Pixy Stix Flavored powered sugar and citric acid in a paper straw. Not much flavor, but fun to eat by emptying the powder and sucking it up through the straw. Several flavors have been made over the years. When I was a kid my favorite flavors in order were punch (blue), cherry, grape, lime, and orange. Now, packages are sold with only four flavors: punch, cherry, strawberry, and orange. The powder is very similar to Fun Dip, and the flavors are very similar to Sweet Tarts.
Pop Rocks Candy crystal with cavities filled with slightly pressurized carbon dioxide. When the shell weakens, from coming into contact with silvia, the gas escapes with a small pop which creates a tingling sensation in your mouth. There are various flavors. While I like the idea of the candy, it's too expensive for the small amount you get in each pack.
Puchao Puchao are multi-textured chewy Japanese candies of assorted flavors. I've only tasted the cola and ramune flavors which have little pockets of fizzy powder in them. The ramune flavor is spot on, while the cola flavor is a bit bitter.
Rain-Blo Multi-flavored gumballs. Usually lose their flavor and become hard very quickly.
Rain-Blo Pops Cheap knock-off of Blow Pops, but with worse flavors and less gum.
Red Bird Peppermint Candy Puffs A crunchy mint that easily falls apart when you chew it and has a mild peppermint flavor. I love these because, unlike most peppermint candies, they're not overpowering.
Red Hots Small hard cinnamon candies. Just enough cinnamon to become hot, but not so much to burn like Atomic Fireballs. Very enjoyable.
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sweetened peanut butter in a flat chocolate cup. Too sweet and oily.
Riesen A chocolate caramel coated in dark chocolate. Not too sweet, and very delicious.
Rolo Chocolate cylinder filled with caramel. Bland and too sweet.
Skor Thin toffee coated in chocolate. Pretty good, but Heath is better.
Slo Poke Chewy caramel. Better than most American caramels like pasty Sugar Babies or the grainy Kraft caramel.
Special Dark A dark chocolate bar. Slightly bitter, better than Hershey's milk chocolate.
Spree A disc-shaped candy with a bright glossy coating. Similar to a Sweet Tart, only more intense. Flavors are (in order of my favorite to least): cherry, grape, sour apple, lemon, and orange.
Spree (Chewy) A chewy version of the normal candy. I like these slightly better than the hard ones.
Snickers A nougat bar topped with caramel and peanuts, coated in chocolate. Very enjoyable. Growing up, I preferred Milky Way, but now I like Snickers more.
Sugar Babies Bean-sized caramels with a firm exterior. Pretty bland and grainy.
Sugar Daddy Hard caramel on a stick. The caramel is good, but I would like it more without the stick. I always end up eating a bit of paper trying to get the caramel off.
Super Bubble Wax paper wrapped plain pink bubble gum. Good flavor for a very short time before it becomes bland and hard.
Sweet Tarts Powdered sugar flattened into hard discs. As the name suggests, they are both sweet and tart. My favorite is the blue, least-favorite is yellow.
Sweet Tarts, Chewy Round flat discs, much larger than a regular Sweet Tart, but with an added chewiness. I prefer these over the original.
Sweet Tarts - Mini Chewy Nice texture, but they don't taste all that great. More sour than flavor. Seems like there are more yellow and orange than any other color.
Sweet Tarts - Soft & Chewy Ropes The cherry punch straw is decent, but the cream inside is awful.
Take 5 Pretzels and peanut butter below peanuts and caramel, all coated in chocolate. Pretty good, and the pretzels are a nice change up.
Toblerone Prism-shaped chocolate triangles. Contains chopped almond and nougat bits. Not very good.
Tootsie Fruit Chews Chewy Tootsie Roll-shaped fruit candies with a harder shell in the flavors of lemon, lime, cherry, orange, and blue raspberry. They're the same artificial flavors as fruity Tootsie Roll candies. Enjoyable, but a little waxy.
Tootsie Fruit Chews Rolls Same consistency as a Tootsie Roll, but with alternate flavors. My favorite flavors in order of best to worst are vanilla, cherry, lime, orange, and lemon.
Tootsie Pop
Tootsie Roll A chewy chocolate caramel. Simple, old fashioned, and delicious.
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Minis Bland, not very sour, only 3 flavors and they all taste similar.
Trolli Sour Brite Eggs Rubbery texture, not sour at all, only 3 flavors and they all taste similar, nice color fade though.
Twix Cookie bar with a topping, and then coated in chocolate. Most common is caramel. Peanut butter used to be very popular when I was a child, but I don't see it anymore. Pretty good.
Twizzlers Bland waxy flavor. Original is strawberry, but they make other flavors.
Twizzlers Pull 'n' Peel Fun to eat at first, chewy, but not much flavor. Green apple: decent, cherry: acceptable, watermelon: bland.
Vimto Mini Fizzy Pencils I like the Vimto flavor, but the strawberry cream filling is awful.
Walker's Original Toffee Very hard chewy toffee. Tastes like a Werther's, but slightly chewy, very nice.
York Peppermint Pattie A peppermint patty coated with dark chocolate. Very enjoyable and good texture.
Zero Caramel, peanut, and almond nougat covered in white chocolate. I don't care much for white chocolate, and the almond tastes more like extract than actual nuts. Not a fan.