List of favorite Internet shows

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This is a list of my favorite Internet shows. For the full category, see Internet Shows.

Picture Title Link Topics
8-Bit Guy, The - Title Card.jpg The 8-Bit Guy YouTube Computers, hardware, video games
Alex Dainis - 2019-12-03.jpg Alex Dainis YouTube Genetics, science
The Atheist Experience YouTube Atheism, skepticism, religion
Angry Video Game Nerd - Logo.svg Angry Video Game Nerd YouTube Video games, humor
CGP Grey - Logo.png CGP Grey YouTube History, politics, science
Captain Disillusion - Title Card.jpg Captain Disillusion YouTube Video editing, skepticsm
Computerphile - Title Card.svg Computerphile YouTube Computers, information theory, history, electronics
Crash Course YouTube Teaching
Dorkly - Title Card.png Dorkly YouTube Video games, humor
EngineerGuy YouTube Engineering
Feminist Frequency - Logo.png Feminist Frequency YouTube Feminism, pop culture
The Game Theorists YouTube Video games, math, physics
GDC YouTube Video game development
Genetically Modified Skeptic - 2019-12-22.jpg Genetically Modified Skeptic YouTube Skepticism, atheism, religion
Jeremy Parish - 2021-04-28.jpg Jeremy Parish YouTube Video games
Lindsay Ellis - c2020-06-12.jpg Lindsay Ellis YouTube Story telling, film, books, feminism
Mental Floss YouTube General knowledge
NonStampCollector - Screen Capture - 2013-01-30.jpg NonStampCollector YouTube Religious satire
PushingUpRoses - 2017-03-16.jpg PushingUpRoses YouTube Film, video games
Physics Girl - Logo.png Physics Girl YouTube Physics
Rebecca Watson - 2015-07-29.jpg Rebecca Watson YouTube Skepticism, science
The Royal Institution YouTube Science
SciShow - Logo.png SciShow YouTube Science
Simone Giertz YouTube Machines, humor
Sixty Symbols - Title Card.png Sixty Symbols YouTube Physics
Technology Connections - Screen Capture - 2019-12-22.jpg Technology Connections YouTube Technology, history
Veritasium - Title Card.jpg Veritasium YouTube Science
Vsauce YouTube General knowledge