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This is a list of my top 25 favorite musical genres as of 2020-03-10, according to my Music Metrics program. This is still in its preliminary stages as many of my favorite songs still feature fairly generic genre tags from the publisher which are based on the entire album, and not the individual songs. Also, some genres are not based on music's structure, but rather how it is sold (i.e., video game music, soundtrack music, show tunes, etc.). As I slowly update the genres tags of my music to useful genre categories, this list will become more accurate.

  1. Alternative rock
  2. Rock
  3. Video game music
  4. Indie
  5. Soundtrack
  6. Show tunes
  7. Hard rock
  8. Progressive rock
  9. New wave
  10. Folk rock
  11. Satire
  12. Heavy metal
  13. Indie rock
  14. Folk
  15. Comedy
  16. Glam rock
  17. Punk rock
  18. Symphonic power metal
  19. Dream
  20. Soft rock
  21. Glam metal
  22. Indie Pop
  23. Punk
  24. Electronica
  25. Heartland rock