List of under-appreciated songs

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This is a list of songs that I feel are underappreciated and I think deserve to be well-known. For the category, see Under-Appreciated Songs.

Title Artist Reasoning
A&E Goldfrapp A lovely song about suicide.
Anytime Eve 6 An often over-looked Eve 6 song since it doesn't appear on any albums.
Cheerleader Deirdre Flint A good introduction to Deirdre Flint's lovely sense of humor.
Crimson and Clover Tommy James and The Shondells Too many people only know this song from covers, but the original is the best.
The Dear Green Place The Battlefield Band A modern Scottish folk song.
Dr. Wily Stage 1 Takashi Tateishi From Mega Man II, The best 8-bit song ever made, in my opinion.
Father and Son Cat Stevens A great song for anyone who has issues with their father.
Father to Son Queen A beautiful early Queen song with massive over-dubbing.
The First Tegan and Sara Off their second album before they became super popular.
The Freest Man Tilly and the Wall A good example of indie rock.
Furious Rose Lisa Loeb A lovely poetic song.
Galaxy Song Eric Idle Gives you a little perspective on existence.
Girls Like You The Naked and Famous This has a nice build up and beat.
Good Advice Allan Sherman A hilarious history lesson.
The Good Book Tim Minchin Proper religious satire.
Heaven Can Wait Gamma Ray Despite being called the devil's suicide music by Christians, a lot of heavy metal is extremely inspiring, like this song.
Invasion Eisley My favorite song from this family group.
It Doesn't Have to Be Beautiful Slow Club A bright indie pop song.
Long Away Queen Most people only know Queen from their singles, and Freddie's vocals. This is a wonderful song written and sung by Brian May.
Love Me Dead Ludo It's just a lot of fun!
Magic Show Electric Owls An interesting and enjoyable song.
Midnight Sun The Sounds This song is extremely beautiful and it has a much more melodious quality compared to the bulk of the songs from The Sounds.
November Azure Ray A beautiful song about depression.
Orchid Alanis Morissette A very sweet b-side.
Origin of Love Stephen Trask, John Cameron Mitchell From Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a song version of Plato's Symposium.
Ornamental Scissors For Lefty A wonderful rock song with high-energy from an obscure band.
Paint's Peeling Rilo Kiley A wonderful introduction to Rilo Kiley
Positive Force SoulEye My favorite song on the VVVVVV soundtrack.
Reasons Not to Be an Idiot Frank Turner Good for when you're feeling down on yourself.
Return of White Rabbit Ash Great strong energy in this song.
Sack Lunch My First Earthquake There just aren't enough songs that describe, but don't glamorize, teachers having sex with their students.
Sinners 'n' Winners The Holloways A fun folk rock song.
Something Global Fight Like Apes Fantastic energy in this song.
Storm Tim Minchin Describes skepticism perfectly.
Symphonies Dan Black A great beat and an wonderful music video if you like graphic design.
Terra's Theme Nobuo Uematsu From Final Fantasy VI, an extremely beautiful SNES song.
Tilbury Fair Radix An lovely guitar instrumental using lo-fi "tracked" music.
Time Stand Still Rush My favorite Rush song.
Too Late The Cars A great song long after they stopped being popular.
Vanilla Queen Golden Earring A wonderful example of 1970s Dutch rock.
Vienna Billy Joel A non-greatest hit that speaks to overly-ambitious people.
Whistle For the Choir The Fratellis A more mellow song from the group, but really beautiful.
X Telling Me About the Loss of Something Dear, At Age 16 Hello Saferide Gives a better idea of what's going on in a young woman's head.
You Made Me Like It 1990s A fun song with a lot of nonsense.
Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian Huang Sheng Yi, Liu Jie Chang, Lin Huang Kun From Kung Fu Hustle, an extremely beautiful Chinese song.